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    People In Most Deprived Areas Of England Develop Multiple Health Conditions 10 Years Earlier Than Those In Least Deprived

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    People in the most deprived areas in England can expect to have two or more health conditions at 61 years, which is 10 years earlier than people in the least deprived areas, according to research carried out by the Health Foundation. The analysis finds that approximately 14.2 million people have two or more conditions, which represents 24% of all adults living in England. Over half of hospital admissions and outpatient visits and 75% o...
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    Mental Illness Costs UK £94bn a Year, OECD Report Says

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    Mental ill-health is costing the UK more than £94bn every year, counting treatment, social support costs and the losses to the economy from people who cannot work, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s report shows the whole of Europe is struggling with the burden of mental ill-health, which affects an estimated 84 million people – on...
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    Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet - England, 2018

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    This statistical report presents information on obesity, physical activity and diet, drawn together from a variety of sources. The topics covered include:•Obesity related hospital admissions.•Prescription items for the treatment of obesity.•Adult obesity prevalence.•Childhood obesity prevalence.•Physical activity levels among adults and children.•Diet among adults and children, including trends in purchases, and consumption of food and...