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Economic Impact
  • Created a year ago

    Sporting Future: Second Annual Report

    London Sport
    Sporting Future set out a new government vision to redefine what success looks like in sport by concentrating on five key outcomes - physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development. The second annual report on the strategy sets out the progress that has been made in the past year, and focuses on ten key themes and areas of progress: Cross-government working Cha...
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    Quantifying the Social Impacts of Culture and Sport

    London Sport
    This report is the first of two outputs from the analysis carried out by the researchers. This report presents the results from an analysis of the association between culture and sport participation and a range of social outcomes. This report focuses on cashable or financial benefits and savings. The second output presents an analysis of the association between culture, sport and measures of subjective wellbeing. The second report there...