Young people from low-income households and under-served communities often face more barriers to engagement in sport and physical activity, despite the many benefits participation could provide.

The survey covered a range of topics including hobbies/spare time, personality, wider concerns/priorities, the role of sport/getting active, role models/inspiration, challenges and inequalities. It comprised of 1000 online surveys (11-24 year olds) followed by an online forum with 24 young people some who identified as male and some as female (15 survey participants plus 9 StreetGames Young Advisors).

A snapshot of some of the findings:

·      Young people spend their time on a range of activities – 25% spend their time on physical activities and sport, while 21% spend their time watching sport.

·      Young people are concerned about various aspects of their life – generally each young person selected 4-5 different worries from 17 on the list covering areas such as cost of living, school/college and mental health.

·      1 in 3 feel they have only a limited sense of control in their lives.

·      They would be open to including more sport/physical activity in their lives.

·      Boys and those who feel they are neurodivergent tend to get more enjoyment out of sports than girls.

This research enabled 7 Youth Segments to be identified and these are explained in the report. 

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