Wide availability of unhealthy food and drink in more than 1 in 4 (29%) non- food retail environments such as clothing and cosmetics stores with confectionary and sugary drinks dominating. Seven out of ten consumers (70%) reported seeing food or drink in non-food retail stores, with 42% making a purchase while shopping in these stores in the previous month. Two of every three (66%) products purchased are classified as less healthy e.g. sweets and chocolate, savoury snacks, sugary drinks and energy drinks.

Of all stores visited, nearly a third sold food and drinks within store, with pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic stores, newsagents and stationery and gift stores being the three most common. Commissioned by Public Health England (PHE), the research shows the most common category of food and drinks sold in these stores were sweets and chocolate confectionery, contributing to two fifths of all food and drink options recorded (40.8%). This was followed by sugary drinks (10.1%) and biscuits (9.6%).

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