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England's CMO has published a report on the health of adults aged 50-70. In 2014, 8% of England's population were over 75, and by 2039 this will rise to 13.1%. This generation has several opportunities for health improvement, in areas such as physical activity, tobacco consumption and obesity. This report presents an overview of the lifestyles of the 'baby boomer' generation. Key findings include:

- 65% had not engaged in moderate physical activity lasting 30 minutes or longer in the preceeding month. 

- Baby boomers in 2013 were less active than people of the same age in 2003. 

- 28% perform at least four 30 minute moderate intensity sessions per month (30% of men, 27% of women).

- Age gradients: 36% of men aged 49-54 do four 30 minute sessions a month, compaired with 27% of those aged 65-69.

- Socio-Economic Classification: 39% of men in managerial and professional occupations performed four 30 minute sessions per month, compared with 17% of those in semi-routine and routine occupations. 

- Nearly half of baby boomer men and over a third of baby boomer women are overweight. 

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