This research was commissioned by London Sport and conducted by HPI Proactive to better understand the current and future opportunities associated with London Sport’s commitment to supporting a bigger and better workforce to support physical activity and sport in London. Undertaken in 2016, the research findings were carried out to address the following objectives to inform and develop the creation of Building a Workforce for the Future, London Sport’s Strategic Plan of Action for Workforce in London.

  1. Identify current activity levels among less active Londoners and drivers/barriers to further activity
  2. Understand if/how the workforce can positively influence the behaviour of less active Londoners
  3. Understand the current shape of the workforce in London
  4. Determine workforce gaps that need to be addressed to support the less active
  5. Understand the priorities and requirements of London workforce agencies
  6. Understand the workforce’s current experience and identify how to ensure a range of positive benefits are experiences
  7. Ultimately, to understand if/how the workforce needs to evolve to meet the needs of less active Londoners, and how key stakeholders can work better together to support this workforce. 

The research was conducted in 2016.

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