Workplace Challenge aimed to engage inactive employees to increase participation in sport and physical activity, and build the evidence base for the role of the workplace in promoting sports participation to improve health. The evaluation was conducted by the British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity, and aimed to learn about how the workplace can engage inactives and the effectiveness of the method. The report presents a number of key findings, the impact, reccomendations and limitations. 


Overall, it was determined that the scheme successfully engaged a large number of employees, although not all of these were classed as inactives. There was national and local activity logging challenges, as well as competition events and business games. There was a positive change in physical activity levels, and improvements in mental health and wellbeing, alongside reduced absenteeism and presenteeism. It was observed that employers have a role in promoting sport and physical activity, to help overcome the barriers that employment presents to having an active lifestyle.

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