This report from the London Cycling Campaign explores the #DangerousJunctions campaign, which was created as a result of the fatal collision with Dr Marta Krawiec at Holborn in 2021. The purpose of the campaign is to highlight and tackle individual dangerous junctions as well as to tackle systemic road danger issues at far too many junctions in London and the ongoing slow pace of action around them.

In March 2022, LCC convened a high-level summit of expert practitioners on junctions to discuss ways to improve pace and quality of delivery of schemes. Practitioners came from transport authorities and consultancies, modelling, design and planning backgrounds. This report contains the key figures and findings, with a full report being released in the summer.

Two key issues that were outlined from the findings are too much (unnecessary) private motor traffic and a lack of political clarity in terms of designers and engineers attempting to consider not impacting flow of traffic and bus times whilst also considering safety. Following the outlining of these key issues, the report includes some ways to solve these problems. Some of the solutions including utilising best practise, temporary works and trials, demand management, prioritising safety and long-term stable funding amongst other factors. 

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