This report by the Office for National Statistics provides an analysis of associations between COVID-19, physical activity and eating behaviours from the Schools Infection Survey’s parent and pupil questionnaires. The report shares information on the effect the COVID-19 pandemic has had on levels of physical activity and its association with improved physical and mental health among children, young adults, and adults. It also highlights differences in eating behaviours and physical activity involvement in women and men and among different year groups.

Through the use of primary data, authors found that a quarter (24.7%) of primary school pupils were physically active for the recommended 60 minutes every day in the past week compared with 14.3% of secondary school pupils in school Years 7 to 13. They also find that 41.4% of secondary school pupils in school Years 7 to 13 who had experienced long COVID answered "Yes" to at least two of the five questions about experiencing eating difficulties. While data analysis did not identify a relationship between COVID-19 and physical activity levels, the findings suggest differences in physical activity investment among school year groups. 

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