A report on the impact of mixed ability sport has been released by International Mixed Ability Sports (IMAS) as part of their Sport England funded Mixed Ability Sports Development Programme (MASDP). Key findings highlight that mixed activity (with disabled and non-disabled people) can have a positive impact at an individual, club and societal level.

Created by IMAS, the Mixed Ability Sport Development Programme (MASPD) aims to promote social inclusion through sport, education and advocacy. In September 2016, Sport England awarded IMAS £161,000 to trial their mixed ability approach in seven new sports. Using the Development Programme, IMAS implemented it into rowing, cricket, boxing, tennis, golf, bowls and exercise, movement and dance.

MASDP activities took place in Bradford, Doncaster, Leeds, Liverpool and York. Over two years, they delivered nine open days, 47 presentations to grassroots clubs, trained over 500 healthcare professionals and engaged over 1,200 participants in mixed ability sports.

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