This report by SportsTechx examines themes driving growth into the European Sport and technology sector and shares insights towards where it’s headed, specifically by looking into investments, deep dives linked to NFTs, and ecosystems. The paper provides innovative and market-based findings.

Through different forms of data collection, they find that 2021 was a landmark year for SportsTech, crossing €1.8b in investment in Europe, which was more than the last four years combined. They also find that the post pandemic momentum carrying on from quarter 4 2020 pushed 2021 to new heights. From receiving €605m funding round for NFT player Sorare, to 9 €50m+ funding deals in 2021, 7 more than 2020. However, authors highlight that Europe is lacking a clear investment identity of its own, mainly riding the wave of global trends originating in other regions.

They conclude that 2021 has brought many wins to the Sport Tech sector in Europe, but there are still themes to be addressed by investors & start-ups together. 

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