This guidance is aimed at those commissioning, designing, delivering and evaluating sport programmes with more cohesive and integrated communities as their goal. It does two main things:  

1. Explains how sport and physical activity can lead to greater cohesion and integration.  

2. Provides a practical guide to support organisations in the design and evaluation of these activities. 

This summary is structured around sequenced steps, based on the different stages of programme development, delivery and evaluation that you may be at. The 5 key steps involve: Understanding the Problem, Evidence Based Design, Monitoring Delivery, Evaluating Impact and Learning and Adapting based on Findings. 

The report endeavours to advise and guide those who are seeking to implement sport-led social cohesion and integration based programmes and is therefore targeted at sports organisations seeking to improve their knowledge and application of social cohesion and integration programmes, as well as organisations already working towards greater integration and want to use sport as a means to pursue this. 

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