This report by Women In Sport explores the barriers that teenage girls face that prevent them from being more physically active. Their key findings show that teenage girls are far more disengaged from sport than their male counterparts. This is due to a wide range of factors such as lower levels of self-belief, capability and body image concerns. The findings also show that even those girls who are engaging in sports may need additional support to help manage their emotional and physical health as they go through puberty. This report expands on these factors, providing further breakdown on the complex barriers that prevent teenage girls from being more active.

 Even though the findings showed that teenage girls and boys both understand the importance and benefits of physical activity, only 27% of teenage girls get enjoyment out of physical activity compared to 44% of their male counterparts. To try and change this, Women in Sport have made a series of recommendations to help engage teenage girls in physical activity. This includes identifying and targeting these girls with early interventions before they reach their teens and leveraging key influencers from an early age to encourage and support them.