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The Sport and Recreation Alliance has launched Reconomics Plus, an online resource to help sport and recreation organisations demonstrate the impact of their work on the economy, our health and local communities. This new resource brings together the latest research and statistics, produced in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, to highlight the contribution of outdoor recreation in England.

Reconomics Plus, builds on Reconomics (2014) as there have been several major changes to the policy context surrounding outdoor recreation in England since its publication. For example, the Government’s Sporting Future strategy broadened the traditional definition of ‘sport’ to physical activity which, significantly, includes outdoor recreation. There have also been public health drives around physical activity and we are expecting a cross-government 25-year environment plan which has a strand on engaging people with the natural environment.

All of these changes provide the outdoor recreation sector with the opportunity to demonstrate the positive difference being active in the natural environment can make. This publication is refreshed with updated information and also expands its focus to include not just the economic value, but also how outdoor recreation can contribute to the other Sporting Future outcomes.

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