This report aims to understand the impact that walking football has on participants’ health and wellbeing. By identifying what motivates players and finding out what aspects they consider most important and enjoyable, recommendations can be put forward.

Gaining this in-depth view from players about the nature and structure of the game leads us to discover how and why their health improves, and could direct us to how their wellbeing could improve further, as a result of walking football. This means that a greater understanding could lead to greater programme and participant outcomes for all involved.

This is set in the context of Sport England’s new strategy, ‘Towards An Active Nation’ (2016), which outlines that future investment will be directed towards programmes that make the biggest impact on five participation outcomes; physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, social wellbeing, individual development and economic development. This evaluation aims to identify if walking football is achieving these defined outcomes.

The evidence gathered in this report will highlight the benefits of the programme to promote its continuity, as well as how to improve sessions to build on participant outcomes.

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4 years ago