With physical inactivity estimated to cost the NHS alone more than £1 billion a year, and wider costs to society around £7.4 billion, the need to get less active people active has never been greater. Recognising that the population of less active people is large but also diverse, London Sport has commissioned a major research segmentation, solely focusing on less active Londoners: those doing less than 150 minutes of physical activity per week and, in the most extreme examples, less than 30 minutes.

Our fundamental aim is to develop a stronger sense of instinct, empathy and understanding, to help focus efforts and connect more effectively, to benefit their long-term health and wellbeing. A holistic view of less active Londoners – our seven segments.

The first webinar highlights the background to our research together with the segment profiles developed through our qualitative and quantitative research. The second webinar highlights key intervention and targeting opportunities including an update on our steering group, in-house mapping and tool insight consultancy hub services should you be interested to partner with London Sport for further enrichment research, intervention planning, communications development and /or co-creation to keep less actives at the heart of planning. Should you be interested to identify the segments and apply our learnings through further research our golden segment identifier questions are further available.

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