Created 2 years ago

There is a significant gender gap in the participation rates of Higher Education students. Women in Sport partnered up with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) to share insights into how to engage inactive female students within universities.

Student Activators focused on engaging students and collating feedback to understand the barriers the 'less sporty' students face when participating in sport and physical activity.

The programme saw an increase in diverse groups of women enjoying the new activities offered by universities. The report contains the following recommendations: 

Engaging Student Activators - Engaging students in these roles offers them a development opportunity as well as getting a new audience moving.

Engaging new audiences means doing things differently - Whether it is about communicating in new ways, running new activities or finding new coaches. 

Consultation is key - If you don't ask then you won't know, understanding female students is the only way to support them in being active.