This report presents data from the Active Lives Adult Survey for the period mid-November 2020 to mid-November 2021. Data is presented for adults aged 16+ in England. This report contains a full year of coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions, including comparisons to both the first easing of restrictions in summer 2020 and to pre-pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic saw a range of restrictions put in place that decreased physical activity levels, but this report shares figures demonstrating that there has been no further decline in the last year. The report covers physical activity levels of adults aged 16+, breaking the data down into categories such as demographic, disability and age. The report also provides tracking the levels of particular activities such as muscle strengthening activity, running, team sports, and many others, documenting their recovery from the declines experienced from the pandemic. Attitudes of the population surrounding physical activity, volunteering levels, mental wellbeing and individual and community development, and loneliness are also covered in a detailed breakdown.

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