This report by the National Sectors Partners group explores their current, collective understanding of how sport, recreation and physical activity can help improve the health and wellbeing of the nation. It also shares some statistics on the current state of the nation based on levels of physical activity and reasons why the public and private sector should care about it. Drawing from the Youth Sport Trust research, authors established 5 key outputs to help the government achieve its national priorities and unlock the potential of sport, recreation and physical activity: (1) Levelling up the country, (2) Strengthening public services by reducing the burden on the NHS and social care system, (3) Driving economic growth (4) Accelerating the transition to Net Zero and (5) Advancing Global Britain and strengthening the Union. Mainly, contributors found that there are now 1.3 million more inactive adults and 42,000 hours of Physical Education (PE) have been lost from the curriculum in the last decade. The research highlights the importance of making fundamental changes within the sector to enable more people to benefit from sport, recreation, and physical activity. 

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