This report by Richmond group of Charities explores the various ways health and care organisations, such as those working in partnership as Integrated Care Systems can support more people with long term health conditions to be active. Data was drawn from various secondary sources, ranging from the NHS Digital, Health Survey for England 2018, to UK Chief Medical Officer Guidelines 2019. They found that in England, 43% of the population has at least one long term health condition. Further investigation showed that 30% of people with 4+ conditions are under 65 years of age, and this percentage is higher in disadvantaged areas.

Previous studies have focused on the effects inactivity has on different individuals and the significant barriers placed that further the inability to participate in sport, nonetheless, there has not been a specific focus on the different ways the COVID-19 pandemic could have intensified these barriers within the NHS workforce. The report concludes with a summary of the main statistics found in the study providing ways to go forward to create a better workplace for all. 

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