The lived experience of the crisis is recognised as harsher in low-income areas than in more affluent places. This is true both economically and in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.  

LTOs (Locally Trained Organisations) are doing their best to support their communities through these challenges, but the cost in time and resources is high. Those LTOs that traditionally focus on young people continue to do so, but many now find themselves also working with whole families. Place-based community projects comprise a quiet front line in the fight to support communities through the current crisis. LTO's are worried that their communities will be left on their own to pick up the pieces when lockdown is over. There will be more unemployment, especially amongst the youth, and there will be many more people struggling with their wellbeing and mental health. 

The report concludes with StreetGames outlining the support that they require during this time in order to continue funding LTO’s to provide support for vulnerable children and families in England and Wales. This support encompasses national and local advocacy, personalised staff training, direct investment and fundraising and more. 

An executive summary is also attached.

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