This report summarises the achievements of Black Unity Bike Ride (BUBR) in 2023. Their main annual ride had 800 active participants (with a lot more registrations) and despite the weather the event was seen as a positive experience. For 60% of people registered it was their first time taking part in the event.

Most of the 1136 registrations were male (57%), with 41% identifying as Female and 2% choosing not to disclose. Most were aged between 35 – 64 years old. However registrations covered a wider age range from Under 16 up to Over 75. Most registrants had intermediate cycling experience. While from those who completed the post-event survey, just over half (52%) were female and 35% were ‘recreational riders’.

The report goes into more detail considering the annual ride funding, type of bike and clothing preferred, as well as the experience for volunteers. It also summarises the impact of other events through the year such as Ride London and participation at the Olympic VeloPark.

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