About Us

By taking an insight-led approach, we aim to improve decision making by using evidence to identify how we can have the biggest impact against our vision of making London the most physically active city in the world.

About London Sport Insight

Our focus is in four areas:

Making it easier and simpler to use insight

We will make physical activity and sport data and research more accessible and easier to understand. We will share knowledge across our partners and support them in using insight to increase their impact

Providing consultancy services

Our consultancy service offers the opportunity for partners to commission bespoke project work across insight, funding and technology. To find out more about our services, please visit our webpage.

Measuring and understanding impact

We will better understand the impact of our activities through improving the way we monitor and evaluate our work. We will use this knowledge to shape the future delivery of our programmes.

Using data and technology to increase participation

We will capitalise on the explosion of digital technology and encourage an open data culture within our sector. Through making better use of data we will reveal new trends and understanding to support the development of physical activity and sport in the capital. To that end, we are one of the bodies engaged in the Open Active movement.

London Sport Insight and Data Portal

The London Sport Insight and Data Portal is designed to make it easier for partners and the wider physical activity and sport sector to access data and research across key areas relevant to the development of physical activity and sport in London.

Data can be used to support identification and targeting of particular demographics that are not currently participating in enough physical activity and sport, or to understand the key trends that are influencing behaviours among London’s populations.

We anticipate that partners will use the data to support strategic decision making, evidencing funding bids, and to target investment into the most appropriate areas and population demographics.