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Women in Sport
  • Created 9 months ago

    Menopause, Me and Physical Activity

    London Sport
    Menopause is a taboo subject in our society and women going through the menopause are missing out on the benefits of being physically active. Just under a third of women drop off from physical activity during menopause, yet the desire to be active is high and it physical activity can actually help women manage and cope better with their symptoms. Women in Sport wanted to find out more. Their Menopause, Me and Physical Activity report...
  • Created 10 months ago

    Beyond 30% - Workplace Culture in Sport

    London Sport
    Currently women are under-represented in senior leadership roles and on Boards in the sector. In England, just under half of the National Governing Bodies of sport fail to achieve the Governance requirement of ‘at least 30% women on the Board’. There is also evidence of discrimination and negative workplace culture. 40% of women in the sports industry say that they face discrimination because of their sex however 72% of their male colle...
  • Updated a year ago

    Women in Sport Impact Report

    London Sport
    INFORM. INNOVATE. INSPIRE. Women in Sport have created a document demonstrating their impact in the sport sector. It highlights all of their achievements, and key statistics, whilst looking towards their next steps and how they can have a further impact on empowering women and girls through sport.
  • Updated a year ago

    Silver Linings: Undrstanding women's relationship with sport and physical activity in later life

    London Sport
    Why are women continuing to miss out on the benefits that sport and physical activity brings as they get older? This report uses qualitative research to better understand women’s relationship with sport and physical activity in later life. The experiences of women aged between 55-75, their attitudes towards ageing, their motivations and interests, as well as perceived barriers are explored. This report includes practical recommendatio...
  • Created 2 years ago

    Why Sports Need to Engage Female Volunteers

    London Sport
    Many people choose to volunteer in sport, and all sports clubs rely heavily on their volunteers to run. However, there is a large imbalance of female to male volunteers within the sports sector; with men being twice as likely to volunteer in sport than women. This research focuses on gender discrimination within sports volunteering and sets out best practice solutions to counter this disparity.