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  • Created 5 months ago

    Taking Steps Towards A Happier, Healthier Workforce

    London Sport
    With the average working-age adults sitting for 9.5 hours a day, we are aiming to reverse the trend of inactive workplaces and celebrate employers who are getting their staff moving. Walk at Work Award is a new accreditation which will recognise employers who are promoting walking and physical activity and offer guidance to those who want their workforce to become more active. Active meetings, lunchtime walks, standing desks and promoti...
  • Created a year ago

    Walking in Urban Parks and Green Spaces

    London Sport
    Walking in urban parks and green spaces is great for our physical and mental health and this new report from The Ramblers and the Town and Country Planning Association explores the ways it can be made easier for people of all ages and backgrounds in urban areas to take a walk in the park. People were surveyed about their attitudes to urban green spaces. Sixty-seven percent of people walk in parks at least once a week, however, certain g...
  • Created 2 years ago

    Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) for Walking and for Cycling

    London Sport
    The promotion of cycling and walking for everyday physical activity not only promotes health but can also have positive effects on the environment. A new publication has been released providing user guidance on using the Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) for cycling and walking. The updated publications considers the health effects of road crashes, air pollution and carbon emissions. The tool can be used in a variety of ways inclu...
  • Updated 2 years ago

    What Makes an Effective Work Walking Programme?

    London Sport
    A high proportion of the adult population in England do not participate in sufficient physical activity to benefit their health. The workplace setting is a setting in which there is potential to reach large numbers of adults with interventions to promote physical activity and improve health. This paper evaluates the effectiveness of Walking Works, a programme encouraging people to walk for some or all of their journey, as a strategy for...