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Active Travel
  • Created 6 months ago

    Taking Steps Towards A Happier, Healthier Workforce

    London Sport
    With the average working-age adults sitting for 9.5 hours a day, we are aiming to reverse the trend of inactive workplaces and celebrate employers who are getting their staff moving. Walk at Work Award is a new accreditation which will recognise employers who are promoting walking and physical activity and offer guidance to those who want their workforce to become more active. Active meetings, lunchtime walks, standing desks and promoti...
  • Created 2 years ago

    Bright spots, physical activity investments that work: Workplace Challenge

    London Sport
    A high proportion of adults in England are insufficiently active. The workplace is an important setting for promoting phsyical activity with potential to reach a high proportion of adults in emplotment (74.8%). The 'Workplace Challenge' aims to increase sport and physical activity participation in inactive employees. It is a multi-component programme based around a website/app where employees can track their activity levels and take par...
  • Created 2 years ago

    London Physical Activity and Sport Profile 2017

    London Sport
    London Sport has prepared the 'London Physical Activity and Sport Profile' to be used by partners to understand trends affecting behaviour at a local level, and to identify opportunities and target groups/areas for evidence-based interventions.  The profile contains data on demographics, physical activity and sport participation, Active Lives, health, education, funding, facilities, active travel, projects and key contacts at a London ...