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  • Created 7 months ago

    Street Appeal

    London Sport
    The quality of the street environment effects us all - whether we are walking to school, waiting at a bus stop, cycling to work, shopping, or even driving through a city. How streets handle the various, complex and often conflicting needs of users has a profound impact on our daily lives and wellbeing. At the same time streets are often highly constrained physically. This means that those responsible for managing streets need to make ha...
  • Created 3 years ago

    The Inclusive and Accessible Stadia Report

    London Sport
    This study presents information about the service disabled spectators receive and the issues they face when attending a sporting event, in order to ensure that their rights are properly recognised in this area. It discusses the barriers they face when planning attendance, buying tickets, travelling to and from the venue and the overall experience of the sporting event. It then discusses what aids and adaptations would help disabled supp...