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Mental Health
  • Created 4 months ago

    Improving Mental Wellbeing In Colleges Through Physical Activity

    London Sport
    Concerns around mental health and wellbeing are increasing throughout education settings. Whilst the Government has started to address this in schools, limited support has been identified for colleges. The average college has 185 students with disclosed mental health conditions. In addition to this 81% of colleges have reported having ‘significant numbers’ of students who have undisclosed mental health difficulties (Association of Colle...
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    Walking in Urban Parks and Green Spaces

    London Sport
    Walking in urban parks and green spaces is great for our physical and mental health and this new report from The Ramblers and the Town and Country Planning Association explores the ways it can be made easier for people of all ages and backgrounds in urban areas to take a walk in the park. People were surveyed about their attitudes to urban green spaces. Sixty-seven percent of people walk in parks at least once a week, however, certain g...
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    Sporting Future: Second Annual Report

    London Sport
    Sporting Future set out a new government vision to redefine what success looks like in sport by concentrating on five key outcomes - physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development. The second annual report on the strategy sets out the progress that has been made in the past year, and focuses on ten key themes and areas of progress: Cross-government working Cha...
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    Sport in the UK: Facts and Figures

    London Sport
    Resource providing key facts and figures, along with resource links, across fields that are relevant to physical activity and sport participation: Economy/Finance/Funding  Major Events  Physical Health  Mental Health  Sports Volunteering  Social Cohesion  Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour  Participation  Sports Clubs  Facilities and Access  School Sport  London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games  Local Authorities