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Youth Sport Trust
  • Created 10 months ago

    Youth Board Members Report

    London Sport
    This report is an investigation into the work being done by sport and recreation organisations to engage young stakeholders in decision making by setting up youth boards or young ambassador programmes. The report answers three main questions: What are the similarities and differences in how organisations have approached youth engagement in decision making? What examples are there of success and good practice in youth engagement w...
  • Created a year ago

    PE Provision in Secondary Schools 2018

    London Sport
    The alarming findings from research carried out by the Youth Sport Trust (YST) suggests that 38% of English secondary schools have cut timetabled Physical Education for 14-16-year-olds since 2012 while almost one in four (24%) have done so in the last academic year. It comes at a time when too many young people are inactive, obesity rates are going up, mental health issues are increasing, and there is a need for growing resilience and ...