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Physical Activity
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    The Pedestrian Pound

    London Sport
    The UK’s population grew by 5.8 per cent between 1998-2009, which gave a boost to annual comparison goods spending of approximately £10 billion. However, town centres have not reaped the benefits of this huge increase in retail expenditure. In the face of steep competition for diminishing public funds, the importance of better streets and public spaces needs to be better understood.
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    Fitness at Work

    London Sport
    The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and HM Revenue & Customs have issued guidance on using the tax system to offer gym memberships and sports facilities to staff. This guidance provides some advice that employers can put into practice straight away to help their workforce become healthier. The government introduced Cycle to Work in 1999 - an annual tax exemption that allows employers to loan bicycles and cycle safety e...
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    National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

    London Sport
    This new guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) covers how to improve the physical environment to encourage and support physical activity. The aim is to increase the general population’s physical activity levels. The recommendations in this guideance should be read alongside NICE's guideline on physical activity: walking and cycling. This guidance includes recommendations on: • active travel• public ...
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    Evaluation of the implementation of an intervention to improve the street environment and promote walking for transport in deprived neighbourhoods

    London Sport
    Levels of physical activity remain low, particularly in deprived areas. Improving the street environment to promote walking for transport using a community engagement approach is a potential strategy to increase physical activity. This research paper aims to understand better how this type of intervention is implemented and how it can be replicated in deprived neighbourhoods. It evaluated the implementation of the Fitter for Walking int...
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    London Physical Activity and Sport Profile 2017

    London Sport
    London Sport has prepared the 'London Physical Activity and Sport Profile' to be used by partners to understand trends affecting behaviour at a local level, and to identify opportunities and target groups/areas for evidence-based interventions.  The profile contains data on demographics, physical activity and sport participation, Active Lives, health, education, funding, facilities, active travel, projects and key contacts at a London ...
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    The Impact of Rush Hour Commuting on Our Health and Wellbeing

    London Sport
    Over 24 million people commute to work each day in England and Wales, the majority utlising passive methods such as cars, trains or buses. For many, the journey is synonymous with stress, frustration and anxiety. This report highlights the impact of passive commuting on health, including increased stress, higher blood pressure, higher BMI and reduced time for cooking, exercising and sleeping. Key findings include: - Average commute tim...
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    Improving the Health of Londoners: Transport Action Plan

    London Sport
    This is TfL's first  health improvement action plan. There is growing recognition of the importance of transport and street environments in improving people’s health. Health is woven into their work to achieve the Mayor’s Transport Strategy goals, and significant health benefits are being delivered through many programmes. The Mayor’s Transport Strategy sets TfL's goals to 2031, the Business Plan presents their objectives to 2021. Withi...
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    Transport and Health in London: The Main Impacts of London Road Transport on Health

    London Sport
    The majority of Londoners’ travel time is spent on roads (80%) on foot, public transport, bicycle or in cars. This is where the majority of the health impacts of travel also lie. The health benefits of physical activity from walking and cycling outweigh the harms of exposure to air pollution and road traffic injuries. Currently around 25% of Londoners meet their minimum physical activity needs (150 minutes per week) through walking an...