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    Fitness at Work

    London Sport
    The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and HM Revenue & Customs have issued guidance on using the tax system to offer gym memberships and sports facilities to staff. This guidance provides some advice that employers can put into practice straight away to help their workforce become healthier. The government introduced Cycle to Work in 1999 - an annual tax exemption that allows employers to loan bicycles and cycle safety e...
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    Individual, Employment and Psychosocial Factors Influencing Walking to Work

    London Sport
    Promoting walking for the work commute is a potential strategy for increasing physical activity. Understanding the factors influencing commuter walking is important for identifying target groups and designing effective interventions. This study examined individual, employment-related and psychosocial factors associated with commuter walking, and how this impacts the future design of interventions. It was observed that factors such as n...
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    Creating Walking Cities: A Blueprint for Change

    London Sport
    This guide is designed to help practitioners improve cities and streets for walking. It sets out seven steps to a walking city which will lead to healthier, more economically successful, greener and stronger communities. The seven steps are based on examples of best practice and contain a range of suggested policies and programmes. They include:1. Make walking a priority2. Plan for walking3. Create a walking network4. Design streets as ...
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    The Impact of Rush Hour Commuting on Our Health and Wellbeing

    London Sport
    Over 24 million people commute to work each day in England and Wales, the majority utlising passive methods such as cars, trains or buses. For many, the journey is synonymous with stress, frustration and anxiety. This report highlights the impact of passive commuting on health, including increased stress, higher blood pressure, higher BMI and reduced time for cooking, exercising and sleeping. Key findings include: - Average commute tim...