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    Alomst 300,000 More People Are Active

    London Sport
    Almost 300,000 more people are doing 150 minutes of activity a week according to new figures released today from our Active Lives Adult Survey May 2017/18. Based on a sample of almost 185,000 respondents to our survey, 297,400 more people in England, aged 16 and above, are meeting the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines of doing at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week - relative to the previous 12 months. The...
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    Taking Steps Towards A Happier, Healthier Workforce

    London Sport
    With the average working-age adults sitting for 9.5 hours a day, we are aiming to reverse the trend of inactive workplaces and celebrate employers who are getting their staff moving. Walk at Work Award is a new accreditation which will recognise employers who are promoting walking and physical activity and offer guidance to those who want their workforce to become more active. Active meetings, lunchtime walks, standing desks and promoti...
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    The Complete Business Case for Converting Street Parking Into Bike Lanes

    London Sport
    Business owners argue that a proposed loss of parking spaces in their area would lead to financial losses, thus they push hard for studies on possible economic impacts in order to pause construction of bike lanes. However, replacing on-street parking with a bike lane has little to no impact on local business, and in some cases might even increase business. While cyclists tend to spend less per shopping trip than drivers, they also te...
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    Englands Cycling Potential

    London Sport
    A new tool funded by the Department for Transport shows that nearly one in five people based in England would cycle to work if cycling was given more investment. This is based on a scenario where English people were as likely as the Dutch to cycle trips of similar length and distance. The cycling potential tool projects the levels of cycling that could be expected in England in four different scenarios using census data about travel to...