Menopause, Me and Physical Activity

Created a year ago, updated a year ago

Menopause is a taboo subject in our society and women going through the menopause are missing out on the benefits of being physically active. Just under a third of women drop off from physical activity during menopause, yet the desire to be active is high and it physical activity can actually help women manage and cope better with their symptoms. Women in Sport wanted to find out more.

Their Menopause, Me and Physical Activity report provides insights from the research and recommendations for sport deliverers to support women to maintain and re-engage with physical activity during menopause. 

The report entails:

  • Women’s core values during menopause
  • The meaning of menopause 
  • Barriers to being active 
  • Menopause and physical activity 
  • Supporting women to be active during menopause