This report by McKinsey & Company and The World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) reviews the trends presented in last year’s annual Sporting Goods Industry Report and assesses the industry and players performance of this year. They also evaluate more in-depth trends in light of recent developments. Based on these considerations, it highlights five key areas that could help distinguish leaders in the year ahead. The paper provides innovative and market-based findings.

Through different forms of data collection including conversations with industry leaders, their research suggests five key themes that reflect the current state of play: The continuing growth of digital, an acceleration in sustainability, a closer connection between social media and commerce, the reshaping of distribution channels, and an imperative for new supply chain strategies. None of these trends are new, but they have become even more important over the past year. They have also widened the gap between various industry players, with economic profits increasingly concentrated. They conclude that some companies must speedily adapt their business models. In each chapter, they present strategies that may support companies in achieving so.  

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