With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to rise in 2023, business owners are growing more anxious about their source of income. We are hearing more and more stories about people having to close down their businesses, including ones that are important for the community, such as florists and food shops (1).

The consequences of this are not just devastating for the business owners, who have to try to find another way to earn money, but also the people in the community. We are already seeing high levels of anxiety in adults (as seen in our infographic), but as community resources dwindle, it is only logical that the rates of anxiety will increase (3).

Currently, 90% of parents living with a child aged 0-4 are worried about the cost-of-living crisis. In the past, anxious parents would be able to enjoy the occasional night out with friends, a daytime trip to the pub or café with their children, or a shopping trip with other mothers/fathers.

However, most people are not able to enjoy their leisure time as much as they used to, as they are forced to keep their spending to a minimum (parents are more likely to cut back than non-parents) (2). This means that stressed parents are going to experience even more anxiety, as they cannot distract themselves by planning fun activities throughout the week, even on special occasions such as school holidays (3).

To learn more about how different people are feeling anxious in the UK as a result of money issues, pay attention to the shocking statistics in the Rehab Recovery infographic below.


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