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Created 15 days ago

This report identifies groups of people whose socio-economic status puts them at higher risk of: either catching COVID-19 or passing it on, experiencing harm to their health and wellbeing during lockdown; or experiencing harm as both lockdown and the emergency measures introduced to alleviate it, are lifted.

The report is divided into four sections, looking at people and households who face higher risks as a result of: COVID-19 itself and the wider pandemic; the economic recession; housing insecurity; and having pre-existing additional support needs.

The results are split between those under the age of 65 and those aged 65+. Older people are clearly much more at risk: 81% of those who died were aged 65+. However, the 1,250 working-age deaths (the other 19%) are still substantial and understanding the risk factors that this demographic are exposed to is equally important.